Finding All Stored Procedures and Functions in a database

Here is a basic query you can use to find All the Stored Procedures, Functions, and Views within your database. This is very usefully for several reasons.

Let us say you were assigned to a project another DBA or a developer created and maintained the stored procedures, functions, or views.

Type Initial(s)        Type Of Object Returned
FN      SQL Scalar Function
IF      Inline Table Valued Function
P      SQL Stored Procedure
PC      CLR Stored Procedure
TF      SQL Table Valued Function
V      View
X      Extended Stored Procedure

USE [your_database_name_here];

SELECT * FROM sys.all_objects
WHERE ([type] = ‘P’ OR [type] = ‘X’ OR [type] = ‘PC’)
ORDER BY [name];

Hope this helps.


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