Becoming certifiable – Microsoft Certifiable that is.

Well, after being on the fence about getting certified in SQL Server for some time now I finally decided to go for it. I am still trying to figure out the best “bang-for-the-buck”, so any feedback would be nice.

I had to do some research back in the spring, since we were all tasked with providing what “training” we thought would be beneficial to the group. Being as I am one of only 5 DBA’s in the company, I tailored my training a bit more specific, with the idea if I was allowed and able to attend a training event, I would be more than happy to give some training internally (during our lunch n learn sessions).

Needless to say our internal organization has changed yet again (only twice in the past 9 months) and the group I was in no longer exists, nor do the training requests. As a result I felt (and have for some time), no one else is responsible for my training except for me. I was willing to wait in the hopes the company would foot the bill.

So, I decide to pursue certification on my own. I am investigating and leaning towards the training provided by Microsoft through their E-Learning. Yesterday, I signed up for a 10 free trail. Even though SQL Server 2005 is around and in heavy use, I decided to try and get a head of the curve (some what) this time and seek the 2008 certification.

I was also thinking about documenting the process some what, here on the pages of my blog and in doing so hopefully help others in the process.

Wish me luck.


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