Training as an after thought

I get so frustrated with management sometimes. At the company I work we build software. As we move from one project to another sometimes there are lags in contract signing, funding  and other such tedious things that hold up the starting of the project.

Usually during the “downtime” we are “allowed” to do training while at work. We have a special charge code we use when we doing training during work hours (because if we aren’t working/charging to a project we aren’t making money). I recently viewed an hour long on-line free webinar put one by one of SQL Server community experts.

After watching the training, I thought, since I am as honest as I can humanly be most of the time and like to think I have integrity (cough) maybe I should put the hour I spent against the training charge code. That way it shows I actually did do some training. Before I did, I went and asked my manager I currently work for (I get moved around a lot) if I should put the time towards training. The response was, “No, we don’t have any time budgeted for training”.


Why am I asked to provide input towards a training budget then? My manager did say to go ahead and log the time against training and they would take the heat. My interpretation of that is middle and upper management does not care about training and staying on the cutting edge. About keeping their employees, you know the ones that make the money for them and the company, up to date on training and skills they use everyday. They expect us to do it on our own, (which I am by the way) and not on company time.

I don’t know when management in our company is going to realize they need to invest a little more into their employees and the company’s future. Do get me wrong, it is a great company to work for, it as others do just have short comings.

What does your company do about training? Anything. Nothing? Let me know.



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