PowerShell – Check it out!

Over the past several weeks I have been working more and more in Powershell. I know it has been out for some time (version 2.0 is out) but it is new to me and I am loving it. The more I work with it the better and better it gets. I am by no means an expert. (remember I just started working with it a few weeks ago) I suggest starting with the basics as I did.

To get started you need to download and install Powershell. That is if it is not already installed. Here is the main website to get the download and a great deal of additional information.

Next I read a few blog posts. (PowerShell Blogs) about what it was and what you can do with it.

Then I watched several excellent videos from MidnightDBA.  There are a few they have done on Powershell, I suggest looking for the ones called “Begining Powershell for DBAs 1”. The video is designed for the first time user and very, very basic.

Check out the site. All the videos are FREE! That’s right, I said FREE. The link takes you to a page with several tabs on it. The one you want is under the tab “Powershell”, da. All of the (they are a duet if you did not already know) videos are educational and entertaining at the same time. This makes the learning more fun. Check out the rest of the videos on a wide range of things.

I attend free webinars frequently and just this week was able to watch another great presentation by Arron Nelson, called “Powershell for Data Professionals“. I learned a few new tricks watching the presentation, one in particular. I did not know that Powershell 2.0 had a text editor. After installing your 2.0 version it can be found under Programs > Accessories > Windows Powershell > Windows Powershell ISE.

There are numerous other websites related to Powershell just do a google search and you’ll find a bunch. One in particular might be of some interest by Joel Bennett. He is trying to start a brown bag lunch series on Powershell.

If you are on twitter you can follow a list related to just Powershell #powershell.

I will be adding posts related to Powershell as I learn new things. I will do my best not to regurgitate the same information I learned from others and put my own “real world spin” on things. One in particular I am currently finishing up is using Powershell to parse a SQL file and remove code and comments added by an auto generated tool converting an Oracle database over to SQL Server. Very cool stuff.!



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