Trying to change lanes

UPDATE: 3/17

Seems I did not meet the cut. That’s O.K. I knew I was week in certain areas. It also helped me to pinpoint some additional areas to concentrate on for training.


I recently went on an interview for a Production DBA position.Why is this so important? Mainly because I am a Developer DBA and there is a BIG difference in the two positions.

A Developer DBA while the role is not a walk in the part has it’s advantages. Mainly it is more of a regular working hours job. There are challenges as well. Designing a database to be as efficient as possible and working/getting along with the “all knowing Developers”. I get along with all the developers, as long as they do things the way I tell them to! (kidding, I am kidding). I like to have fun and joke and I am more accommodating than some of the other DBAs at my company so I get along with most everyone.

So, why would I want to leave a cushy, regular hours job? Even though the recruiter told me it was a Production DBA position some of the job description responsibilities appealed to me. Like, (these are in no particular order) they are currently on 2005 and will be moving to 2008. They were looking for someone to “take ownership” of the production side, I have always been a “go getter” and the position is about 25 miles closer to home. Their current production system is very, very slow and they need someone that can come in clean things up and move them forward without any hand holding.

I know I could do the job. I could get things humming along and running like a fine tuned machine should. I am not saying I know everything, quite the opposite. I know almost nothing about running a production system. I do however have confidence in myself, my current abilities and knowledge and I just “know” I could do it. The working environment (the little I was exposed to) seemed like I would fit in very nicely. There also seemed to be a type of  chemistry, have ever slight, with the people that were interviewing me.

I am still waiting to hear, even though the IT manager assured me he would not leave me hanging like I am now. The panel that interviewed me seemed to like me. They thought my resume was impressive with a great deal of experience, but they were looking for someone to “wow” them. They even used a baseball analogy. They were looking for someone to “hit it out of the part” and as of my interview still had not found that person. I was told that out of all they interviewed I was unofficially leading the pack due to the fact I go the extra mile. I seek and do training on my own. Such as, online webinars at, read blogs, and I am active on Twitter (some of the big names are even following me!) just to name a few. They were impressed with that, mainly because that is not something you can teach. It is something you, as an individual, have to do on your own.

Anyway, as I said I know I could do the job and do it well. While I might not “hit one out of the park”, I have never been a home run hitter. I am usually a base hitter. And you can do a lot of damage (good damage) and run up a lot of runs by hitting base hits all day long.

So, if they ever make a decision, one way or the other I will still have fun, continue to learn and love what I do.



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