Getting more involved in the community and volunteering

About 6 months ago I decided to get out in the SQL Server community more. I have accomplished some and some I have not. For instance;

I joined my local PASS chapter. (CACTUSS) Unfortunately I have not attended meeting yet.

I even volunteered to help with (SQLSaturday #35 – Dallas) but was too late, they already had enough people. So I will be attending instead.  I am planning on heading up to Dallas for the (NTSSUG) May meeting the Thursday before SQLSaturday #35. (I heard a rumor Brad Mcgehee is speaking, though not confirmed yet)

More recently I applied and was  accepted as a Program Committee volunteer for PASS 2010 . I have already been contacted and have volunteered to be part of the first task.  The hardest part now will be make sure I can devote the amount of time (or as close as possible) to what I committed to.  As things progress and I will share some of my experiences (if allowed).

Maybe I’ll even get to go the conference this year! (crossing fingers)



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