Overcoming New Job Anxiety

This is kind of a follow up to my post on Honesty and Integrity.

I recently applied for a position as a production DBA. During the interview my possibly new manager told me before we started talking he was new to the position and is not technical by any means. As he asked me questions I explained the questions to him more than really answered them. I felt good about the interview but was still unsure. I was honest and up front with the person interviewing me and yesterday I received an offer contingent upon customer approval.

Right now my stress and anxiety level meters are pegged at 110%. Why do you ask? Several reasons factor into the equation. I have to ask, was I picked for my resume and experience? Was it my interview skills or the fact I helped the person interviewing me do the interview? Am I the most qualified? Or was it something else? I have actually worked for this company at the beginning of my career and I have held some of the other requirements of the position in the past.

In the job description I have the skills, experience and hands on knowledge of about 75% of the requirements, no problem. It is the 25% I am worried about.  This is a position I have wanted to get for some time now. So, what am I going to do?

In an effort to mitigate my risk, the risk of my potential new employer and ultimately the customer I am going to see if I can interview them. I think that is a reasonable request. After all job descriptions usually do not fit the actual work done on a daily basis. I want to see the facility, where I will be working, the people and team I will be working with and even the location and neighborhood where the facility is located. These are all factors that should be considered in any new position.

I have been discussing this with my wife and even talked with my older brother and we all came to the same conclusion. If I was meant for this position it will happen.

I must conquer my fears that limit what I dare to do to further my knowledge, career and love of what I do for a career. Some of the things I will be doing over the next few weeks will be to concentrate on my weaknesses and building up my skill set. And keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ll do a follow up to this once I hear back on the position.



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