I got rolled, did you?

Brent O ( blog | twitter ) had blogged about what a Bozos I am and Dustin Mueller ( blog | twitter ) just laughed at me.

I am sure there are many more out there that did not fall for Twifficiency fever and did not rub it in my face.

Yes, I am a dumbass. I freely admit it and I am pissed. You know what though, I am not alone and that is what really scares me. I  am (we are) supposed to be the “gate keepers”, the “trusted” ones. How could I let this happen? Over the years I have held security clearances, worked at secure facilities and been security minded in general. But I let down my guard.

I fell victim to one of the oldest tricks in the book. I wanted to be cool like the others in the community to show my Twifficiency and jump on the band wagon. Instead I showed my stupidity. Even though a similar thing took place in the spring (I was smarter then), this time I took the bait. Hook. Line and sinker. Done.

What if this was something worse than just allowing an application to send tweets on your behalf? (Actually, that’s bad enough). What could have been compromised? How many of us were at work or had open VPN connections when we allowed access? What could have been compromised?

I know that won’t happen again. At least not to me.

Yeah, Brent is right I am a Bozo.



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