Surviving the first week

 I survived my first week at the new job, just barely. Actually it wasn’t really that bad. I mostly filled out paperwork. Watched required, mind numbing videos training on our ticketing system, and unfortunately I passed the required test to gain access.

I have already learned a great deal. I also remembered the pain of working for a government agency. If any of you currently work at one or have been in the military you’ll recognize this saying. “Hurry up and wait.”

I’ll be responsible for more servers than I have been in the past and back up on many more. I am on a team of 4 other SQL DBAs with other Oracle DBAs rounding out the team. I am getting more and more organized every day. This job will require it or I’ll get lost in the weeds real quick.

 That is all for now. I am really, really going to try and blog more. The new job will give me a lot of subjects; I already have identified some major issues and potential problems in the not too distant future if they are not addressed.

Well, back to work, more later.



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