Presenting at CACTUSS

I don’t usually write about myself but this one is different. I am doing a little shameless self promotion.

I’ll be giving my first ever SQL presentation tomorrow at CACTUSS in Austin. Am I scared? Hell yes! Will I survive? There is no doubt in my mind. I plan on having fun and doing the best I can. If or when I make a mistake I will adjust and move on.

You see, it may be my first SQL talk but I am no stranger to public speaking. I am an elected official of a fraternal organization in our church and monthly I get up in front of a bunch of grumpy old men and run the meeting. I don’t always know the answers but, I keep my cool (usually) and work through any issues the best I can.

My presentation “Maintenance Plans or Not” is based on replacing the “canned” Maintenance Plans in SQL Server Management Studio with Jobs running Powershell Scripts. There is still some  work that needs to be done to it as I move forward with the concept but I have a start and will continue to improve.

The ideaor concept is to have “options”. If you, as a DBA, want to manually create the Maintenance Plans, no problem. If you want to use T-SQL O.K. If you want to use Powershell, then (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I have scripts for that! All projects and server installs are not the same. They can be very similar but, this way we have several options and are not “locked” into only one solution.

So, if you are in the Austin metropolitan area and want to have some free food and want to heckle me then stop on by tomorrow night.
Here are the details and the CACTUSS web site.

We meet at:
Quarry Oaks II
10900 S. Stonelake Blvd.
Suite 225
Austin, TX 78759
5:30PM to 6:00PM – What problems are you having?
6:10PM to 7:00PM – Feature presentation
7:00PM 7:30PM – Q&A follow up and discuss next meeting.



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