Doing something right

I was raised to be courteous and polite. I am a product of a Catholic background and good parenting. When asking for something I may not speak correctly, but I always say “Please” and “Thank you”. I still open the doors for women, and men at times. Why? That’s how I am, that is how I was raised. S0 passing on these basic manners to my son was a given.

At an early age we taught him to say, please and thank you like most parents. We tried to instill manners we (wife and I) were both raised with. So it comes with no surprise when I hear others comment about his manners and “What a fine young man he is.” That is not say I am not a little proud when I hear that.

He attends Catholic grade school and is an alter server. On occasion is asked to serve during the school day when there are funerals. That comes as no surprise either. What surprised me was the story he told last night before dinner.

He had a dilemma. He was thinking long and hard on what to do. Seems there was a funeral yesterday. After the funeral he was tipped $10. He told us he did not feel as he deserved the money, after he was not servering to be paid he was serving God. So he wanted to give the money away to a charity and his problem was he could not decide what charity to donate the money too.

One of them is a local organization who helps troubled teens and another one plants fruit trees in foreign countries in an effort to feed the poor.

Wow! Nearly knocked me off me feet. What ever he decides, what ever charity gets his $10 me made me very proud last night. And he is turning out to be one fine young man.  We must be doing something right.

Have a great day!




  1. Thanks for sharing, AJ. I have a few kids and we are trying to train them in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). It is encouraging to hear a story of the second part of that verse coming to fruition as your son didn’t depart from that way. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve tucked that story away to use as an illustration some day with some of the youth group activities my wife and I are involved in.

    Proud of your son for being unafraid to be who he is in Him and for seeking to glorify Him instead of himself.

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