Throwing My Hat into the Ring

What am I talking about?

I first read about Idera’s ACE (Advisor & Community Educator for SQL Server) from Wes Brown ( twitter | blog ) on Monday. Seems he has joined ranks with Andy Warren (twitter | blog ), and Mitch Bottel (twitter | blog ). Idera is looking for 3 more people to join the team. I think this would be an excellent opportunity so I am throwing my hat into the ring.

Why do I qualify to become an ACE?

Well, let’s take a look at the requirements here.

Idera believes in and wants to invest in the SQL Community.

I do as well. That’s why I am an active member of CACTUSS. I have presented several times at meetings and working on several more presentations. I volunteered to help with planning our own SQL Saturday, hopefully very soon. I will be presenting at a SQL Saturday near you in the near future.

Do I need help extending by brand?

Don’t we all? Branding is a very important part of any career no matter how well you are known in the community and yes, I am not ashamed to admit I could use some help. In the mean time I am helping myself I have increased my blog posts in the past few weeks and feel I have a good presence on Twitter. I also started to answer questions of some forums.

Can I be more active in the Community by educating SQL people?

Yes, yes I can. I am very committed to volunteering, not just for the SQL Saturdays but PASS as well. Over the past few years I and many others worked on the program committee. I would like to transfer that passion to presenting/teaching.

Can I influence Idera Product Development?

Sure, why not? I don’t currently have any Idera Products (that could change soon) 🙂 but, I have used other vendor’s products and can use that knowledge to compare with and help drive Idera Products.

Is that all you have?

Yes, that is all I have. Will that be enough? That remains to be seen.  A great deal of what Idera wants to do aligns nicely with my personal goals and what I am trying to do in my career and the community. And as I mentioned earlier, it would be a great opportunity to work on a team with Wes, Andy, and Mitch and who knows?

I figure I have as much chance as anyone else. Besides I’ll never know if I don’t try. So I am throwing my hat into the ring. How about you?



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