Helping always feels good

I was pinged on Twitter the other day from a friend I worked with a few years ago. He asked me if I did any DBA work on the side. I replied, “It depends”. So after agreeing on a time to talk he called.

A friend in need

We chatted for a few minutes catching up things and then got down to business. It seems he is having performance issues on his database servers and wanted some help. Since he is a one man shop he did not have the time to spend on tracking down the issue. After asking some questions, he mentioned something they had already done but the problem persisted. I told him I would help.

Getting things together

The funny thing about this situation was I had been planning on trying my hand at some consulting on the side and recently, within the last few days, had started investigating it further. Looking at web sites that help with that sort of thing, figuring out rates, contracts and all the stuff that goes with consulting.

Remembering another friend

While I was getting some paperwork together I remembered another friend I had seen at our last CACTUSS meeting in April. I quickly called my second friend to see if he was still on the market. He was. I then informed him of what I did knew about the issue. Even though it was not full time work, it was still work. No guarantees, he still had to do a resume, interview, the whole nine yards. He sent me his resume and I forwarded it, with introductions, to my first friend.

Getting two friends together

After the introductions and a brief recommendation I wished them both luck and asked if they would let me know how things turned out. I was in a position to potentially help two different friends solve a similar problem. Oh, I did inform them no matter what the outcome, positive or negative; I still get my 10% finder’s fee. Really, I am kidding. It is actually 15%. 🙂



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