Calling all Local Speakers!

One of the core reasons SQL Saturday was started is to “Find, grow, and feature local speakers” (read more About SQLSaturday here). I know you have thought about speaking. You may not know it yet but somewhere in the back of your mind you have. Trust me, you have.

(Waving hand in Jedi mind trick motion) Submit a session to SQL Saturday97 today.

Join the Ranks

I have given three presentations now. I survived all of them and you will too. Looking back, the first one was shaky, the second one was better and the last one, while not perfect (are they ever?) was the best yet. Why was it the best? Because like other things you do, the more you do them, the better you get. The better you get, the more you do them. Speaking is no different.

Another thing that helps is feedback positive and negative. Most of it the feedback was positive, even after the first one. Don’t get me wrong I have received negative or constructive (that mostly came from me) feedback too. But you also won’t grow or know what to improve on it you don’t get some negative at times. Remember that too when you are attending a session. Feedback is crucial to speakers.

How To Start Speaking

First pick a subject. This was hard for me too and still is at times. What I have presented on in the past was related to things I am doing at work or want to learn to do. Don’t worry if someone “famous” has already presented. There are people out there who have not heard about them or seen their presentation. There are many, many websites with information on “How to give presentations”. Here is just one to get you started.

Here is also a simple formula to follow that will assure you give effective presentations.

Tell Them What You Will Be Presenting
Tell Them What You Presented

Follow that and you are well on your way.

Speaking Is Addictive

Let me warn you now. After you give a good presentation you will know it. You can just feel it, even if you made some mistakes. The feeling you get after hearing the applause and knowing you did a good job is what makes you want more. The more you present, the better you will get and the more you will want to present.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, SQLSaturday events were originally designed to promote and grow new speakers. After all we don’t grow on trees. There is tons of support out there to help you get started, but no one can present for you. If you remember the simple formula; Tell Them What You Will Present, Present, Tell Them What You Presented, you have a great foundation. We all started somewhere, even the famous speakers. Now is your time.

(Waving hand in Jedi mind trick motion) Submit a session to SQL Saturday97 today.


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