I Was Not Selected to Speak – But That’s OK

I submitted abstracts to 24HOP and SQLRally and was not selected to speak at either event. Am I disappointed? Hell Yes! Will it discourage me from submitting again? Hell No!

What Went Wrong?

Maybe the neither of the titles were flashy enough or neither of the subjects were interesting enough? Maybe the abstracts just need more work? I am still in the “up and coming” area of speaking so maybe it just wasn’t my time yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am still excited about both events. They will be loaded with awesomesauce!

24HOP List of Speakers

Have you seen the list of speakers for 24HOP? I am really glad to see a lot of new names will be speaking. You can the sessions by track here http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/spring2012/SessionsbyTrack.aspx . I signed up for several sessions and if I got the GMT/CST time conversion figured out I will be there 🙂

SQLRally – Dallas

This is going to be a really cool event. Especially since it is in Dallas, the NTSSUG is hosting and I can drive up. I won’t be speaking but I am attending. I volunteered to help as well. Texas in the spring is almost as nice as Texas in the Fall. (hint look for SQLSaturday Austin in the fall) So sign-up here SQLRally – Dallas


Even though I was not selected to speak at either event this time around it will not discourage me from submitting abstracts in the future or volunteering anytime (see above). I will be speaking at CACTUSS and other events in the future so look for me. I’ll be at SQLRally in Dallas too so stop me and say hi.



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