I’ll be presenting at PASS DBA VC next month


I have been slowly trying to increase my speaking within the SQL community beyond our local user group CACTUSS. Recently, I submitted some sessions to 24HOP and SQLRally. I did not make the speakers list at either event but that is O.K. It’s impossible to make the list if you don’t submit and the sessions and speakers for both events are absolutely awesome. You should make a serious effort to attend one or both these events.


Some would think not making the list to those events would discourage from submitting to other events. Not me. It actually made me focus more on the abstracts and the content. I looked at a few sessions I had started but never fully completed, finished them and more recently I submitted sessions to both SQL Saturday 107 – Houston and SQL Saturday 134 – Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.


I will be a making the drive to Houston regardless if my session it accepted since it is just down the road. I would love to go in person to Johannesburg, but if my session is accepted I will have to present via live meeting and a perfect segue into the next paragraph.

Presenting at PASS DBA VC

On Wednesday March 28th, @ 12 Noon (Easter) I will be presenting at the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter.

Work Smarter Not Harder – Standardize Your Environment with Best Practices

Are all your servers standardized across your environment? Do you manually click the next button when installing SQL Server? Do you manually create and configuring your routine maintenance? Are your SQL Agent Jobs owned by other DBAs in your group? Do you know when jobs fail? Or discover them accidentally? Do you have a standardized way to deploy updates?


Remember, if you are interested in speaking and have the desire there are many different venues to share your passion. Seek them out and do not be discouraged if you don’t make the list the first time.

So set your calendar for 3/28/2012 at 12 noon eastern and stop by. You can look me up at SQLRally or SQLSaturday 107 or maybe at an event near you soon.



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