It Can Be An Ordeal

This weekend I will be out with the boy scouts camping. Why is this so special? Well this weekend we will not be camping with our Troop. This weekend my several boys from our Troop, my son, and I will be inducted into the Order of the Arrow.

Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow is basically the Honor Society of the Boy Scouts. Similar to the National Honor Society, or Junior National Honor Society, it is intended to recognize scouts who best exemplify the virtues of scouting, cheerful service, camping, and leadership.

What it is not

There have many speculations over the years the OA is a “secret society” with pagan rituals. That is far from the truth. People will be people no matter what you say or what you tell them. If OA was a secret society then how do so many people know about it?


So regardless of what you want to believe. We will be out camping in the great outdoors this weekend under a huge moon on Saturday night (supposed to look or be 20% bigger and 15% closer, or something like that), breathing in the fresh air and basically have fun (a well-known side effect of scouting).

No matter what we have to do this weekend to be inducted into the Order of the Arrow it will be an Ordeal (inside joke). It will also be another step on their path to becoming responsible adults (another positive lesson from scouting).



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