That’s My Boy!

Yesterday was a great day for several reasons. Our son was recognized in a ceremony at Texas A&M by Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (TIP) and, well on further reflection nothing else compares not even the beautiful Texas weather.

To quote the program guide, “The Duke TIP program is dedicated to serving academically gifted youth. The program works with students, parents, and educators to identify, recognize, challenge, engage, and help students reach their highest potential”.

To be recognized during the 2012 7th Grade Talent Search students had to meet at least one of the following criteria.

SAT Math >= 520

SAT Critical Reading >= 510

SAT Writing >= 500

Or win two of the three following scores.

Math = 510, Critical Reading = 500, Writing = 490.

Another benefit of the Duke TIP, gifted students gain access to high quality educational opportunities such as an eStudies program and self-paced Independent Learning materials.

The ceremony was in the early afternoon. We decided to arrive early and take a walking tour of the campus. I really enjoyed the tour, the campus is beautiful and we learned a little about the long history of A&M.

So, all in all yesterday was a great day. We are very proud of our son.

Congratulations on your award and achievement.


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