Making Movies

Like many people I have watched my share of instructional videos. Recently I decided to try and make a video and see where that took me. Read on to see my reasons for doing down this path when there are so many others out there doing the same thing.


So why did I decide to create a video? One reason stems from my desire to speak and present more within the SQL community. Making the videos is a way to practice the presentations and the demonstrations. If you have ever made a video having to do multiple “takes” helps with the presentation practice. The more you do something the more it becomes second nature.  Another reason is to provide another means for continuing my knowledge and learning and maybe pass some of that along to others.


Where am I going with all this video stuff? Right now I am just experimenting and figuring some things out. One of things I need to find out is what format I should provide the video in. I do know, regardless of the format it needs to be compact as possible while still retaining quality video and audio play back and so storing and file transfers are quicker (up and down). I will be posting links on my blog that link over to my web site. The videos can be downloaded directly from that site as well.


I am using a free tool called Cam Studio. You can download it here.  The tool is very basic since it is free but the quality of the video and audio is very good. Obviously, since it is free it is not feature rich but you do have the ability to record to either .avi or .swf (flash). The flash format is pretty neat in that if you record in .avi and then convert to flash later it creates an html file with the video imbedded. With the help of some SQLtweepes I found a program called Handbrake to convert the .avi to other formats and compresses the file considerably.


I created the videos a few weeks ago now and could really see the advantage it gave me in practicing the presentation I gave last week for PASS DBA VC. I did have a few mistakes but overall I was much better prepared. So I am going to be continuing the video recording for sure. Posting them may or may not pan out as things progress but time will tell.



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