Bright Lights and Big City

I am going to the show! I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #158 in New York City. The speaker list is fantastic. Not just because I am on it, well maybe a little. No really, there are some really cool people who will be sharing the SQLKnowledge on August 4th.

I am really excited about this event because I grew up in South Joyzey and will be home on vacation the week before relaxing on the beaches, sipping cool beverages and just hanging out with family and friends. Then I get to hang with some more old and meet some new SQLfamily and SQLfriends.

My Presentation

I am presenting on a new subject for me. I recently started using Extended Events (yes, I know they have been out for some time now). The session is geared towards those that have never used Extend Events and how to get started. Here is the information on my session. Without A SQLTrace – Getting To Know Extended Events

The Lineup

As I mentioned earlier the speaker list is incredible. The schedule can be found here. One of the best things about these events is the elbow rubbing (Networking) that will transpire. I will be able to meet some new and hang with some old friends and mates from across the country and across the pond. You can see who will be attending here. If you’re not on that list and you are within the tri-state area you need to be.


The excitement and anticipation is building with the event just over a month away. I will be heading east in about two weeks. We are taking a road trip this summer stopping in a few areas to visit with family and friends and eventually making it to Jersey. If you are attending this event and we haven’t met yet, stop me and introduce yourself.




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