How I Work: My Workstation

First, let me start by saying this is my 100% blog post. Small when compared to others but a milestone for me none the less. Hopefully I have provided some worth wild information along the way I will continue to do my part so make sure you do yours. Now, with that formality out of the way, please continue.

Buck Woody ( blog | twitter) had a post yesterday titled “How I Work: A Cloud Developer’s Workstation” at the end of his post he asked for replies describing our work environments, this is mine.

At home I have two systems, one for work and one for play. Both are laptops. I do have a few other desktops machines but they are used for backups, photos, music and just “stuff”.  I can’t tell you much more about my work laptop, hopefully I haven’t said too much already.  0_o


My home machine is a Toshiba Satellite i7 with 8 GB RAM. I like it. I use this for everything not work related. I have 3 monitors, one of them being the laptop monitor. I like a multi monitor set up because you can have twitter up on one monitor, play music on one and work on another. Hmm maybe I need more monitors.


Windows 7

It came with the laptop but I should have changed it from the beginning. Unfortunately for me, I have one of the only versions you cannot use RDP to connect. Work arounds are available but not a preferred method for me.

CamStudio: An open source streaming video recording software. I started exploring video making recently. (No not that kind of video!) I am making training videos. I started doing that to practice my presentation demos and just turned them into short videos and posted on my blog in support of the presentations I have given. I like the software, and I like creating videos so I think I will have to get another product to be able to do what I want.

FileZilla: Open source FTP software. Nice, feature rich and I use it at work so it can be used to securely transfer files.

Google Chrome: I use this browser 50-60% of the time. Chrome just seems lighter as compared to other browsers that appear heavy and still others progressing towards heavy.

Handbrake: An open source compression software I use to compress the videos created in Cam Studio since they are a little bit large to post and expect someone to download.

Kodak: All in one printer scanner drivers for our home wireless printer.

MajicDisc: I use this to mount ISOs when installing OS, SQL, and related software for presentations and building test VMs in my lab.

Microsoft Internet Explore: I don’t use this browser a great deal at home for normal activity. What I do use if for are Microsoft specific tasks. Like logging into my MSDN account and looking up/downloading drivers and other software updates. I do use it at work all the time. Mainly due to my desktop is locked down and I cannot install other software, technically. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Microsoft LifeCam: I use the camera for online meetings and presentations. A very easy to use camera with built in mic so no headset is required.

Microsoft Office: I use office components all the time from Word to write this blog post, to Excel and PowerPoint for presenting. (hopefully not presenting sucky content)

Mozilla Fire Fox: I use this browser about 35-40% of the time and usually for only one or two programs. It used to be my favorite. It definitely hangs and or crashes a more often giving me the impression it is getting heavier than it used to be. One feature I really like is the synchronization between my home browser and my phone.

Notepad++: I like the editor; it is lightweight, easy to use and supports many different file types. Plus I don’t do a lot of coding right on my host OS it is usually done on VMs.

Oracle VM Virtual Box: I use Virtual Box for all my VM management. I find it easier to use than other products out there but that is just me.

TweetDeck: I use this tool to stay in touch with other cube mates out there in the twitter-verse. I am currently on v0.38.2 and like it more than new versions.

Zoomit: If you do any type of presenting you are most likely already using this tool, if you are thinking about presenting you need to use this tool. I suggest practice using it, it can enhance the presentation or it can actually hinder it depending on how you use it.  

That’s about it for the software I actually use. If you noticed, SQL Server is not installed on my laptop. I install it on VMs instead keeping my host OS as lean as possible to fuel the VMs when they are cranking up.

A few other things I almost forgot. I sit down to work and have a decent chair. I don’t know that I would be able to stand more than sit. I do have a decent chair though and the desk setup works but as I add more monitors I will need to adjust my configuration I am sure.

Well there you have it, my home workstation and office setup as it stands today.



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