Dedicated or Just Dumb

We are DBAs and by our very nature inquisitive. So on my day off, like today I got up my normal time or maybe a little later. I went through the normal morning routine, feeding the dog and cat and made coffee. Then just like normal I walked into my office and logged into my work laptop and picked up where I left off yesterday. Another note, where and when I left off yesterday were well beyond my EOD (end of day).

Is that dedication? Or am I just dumb?

Because this is my time and anything I do, respond to email(s), fix broken/failed jobs (not mine mind youJ) anything, is not chargeable time. So why do I do it? For the same reason I think we all do what we do as DBAs. We want to be the best we can. Always learning and improving. Trying to make our projects and ultimately the end users have a product they can use without errors or problems.

I do have to mention. I don’t actually do this on all my days off. It is more times than not, because time off from work is very important as well.

What do you think? Am I dedicated? Or just plain dumb? What do you do on your day(s) off?



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