Decompression Time

As DBAs we work long hours. Many times fixing issues before they become issues to end users. Constantly get thrown under the bus and told how to do things on our servers by uninformed and non-technical weenies people. For time to time we need to decompress I hit the road for Spring Break.

WPPeakHeading to the Slopes

This year similar to the last three we are going skiing in Colorado. We are heading back to Winter Park this year. The last time we were there two years ago our son broke his ankle about two weeks before. Over the entire trip was a really good. Even for him. Since he was not able to ski Winter Park that year we are heading back. The only difference besides the lack of crutches my wife is not making the trip with us. It’s a guy’s trip this year.

The Drive and Weather Factor

The past two years we had a convoy with 2 other families and we drove straight through the night. This year I will be the only driver. I am not planning on driving straight through even though it would be nice to do. If I get tired I will just pull over and take a nap for a while.

I have been watching the past three weekends in a row winter storms have moved through the area we will be driving through. Last week, certain parts of the pan handle of Texas the roads were shut down. If Mother Nature is listening or reading this post, if you could hold off until Sunday evening to drop the snow that would be great, emkay?

 Lunch at the Blue Bonnet 


When my wife and I lived in Denver we used to eat at the Blue Bonnet Café on a fairly regular basis. The plan is to try and eat lunch there on Saturday on the way through town. I think it will be neat to show our son where we used to “hang out’ so to speak.  Looking at the web site the place has changed a little since we last ate there in the late 80’s early 90’s. It will bring back memories and make new ones I am sure. The sad part, my wife won’t be there to enjoy. There is always next year though.

Heading Over the Pass

No not SQLPASS, Berthoud Pass. The best part of driving to Winter Park and going over the pass is once you get to the top, it’s all downhill to the resort, literally. Hopefully the traffic will be on our side and we will not have any issues like they did yesterday where I-70 was closed for a time with a multi-car pileup.


We all work long stress filed hours each day. It does not matter what you do for a job/career. From time to time you must “get away” from the daily routine and decompress. Weekend trips here can help over the long haul but downtime is a must to keep your mind, body, spirit and drive going. Maybe I will see you on the slopes. If not, I usually take a trip to the beach in the summer, maybe then.



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