I am an operations database administrator. Being proactive in nature means, servers and databases are setup and configured according to industry best practices. It means databases are backed up and maintained in optimal running order. It means I check the servers daily and when issues arise, and they will it is only a matter of when, I can quickly eliminate things to check, and drill down to determine the root cause of the issue. All of this comes from years of experience supporting a wide range of applications, and customers.

I specialize in establishing standardization of DBA related processes. Including initial server installation, configuration, daily checks, and monitoring. I have hands on knowledge of designing and architecting High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions ranging from on premise, hybrid and the Cloud. In addition I have proven trouble shooting analysis and resolution skills.

I blog, volunteer, speak, and tweet about these subjects and many other areas related to the Microsoft Windows and SQL Server stack and the SQLCommunity.

The SQLCommunity is made up hundreds if not thousands of data professionals worldwide. We share our knowledge freely to help others learn, and grow. If you have the desire to become a database professional then come join the community it is open to all.

You can find me most days hanging out on Twitter @SQLAJ